Re-Imagining Drug Safety Powered by Genomics, Information Integration and Emerging Technologies

|| Whitepaper by Tata Consultancy Services. Pub. 17/08/2017


Scientific advancements, emerging technologies, and extensive information have created new opportunities for modernizing drug safety.  Simultaneously, the pharmacovigilance regulatory landscape is shifting to ensure improved safety for patients. This is the time to reimagine the  drug safety sector to transform it into an advanced, proactive and patient-centric practice.


The global healthcare environment is undergoing transformation across the care delivery eco-system to provide more affordable and quality healthcare. Enhancements in the healthcare ecosystem have contributed to longer life spans, but at the same time, there is an increase in chronic diseases which require lifelong disease management. This has several  implications on drug safety, which needs to be ensured both in the long term view (interfering with a multitude of disease conditions and other drugs) as well as in a short term view (providing immediate  relief from diseases and controlling its spread). Pharmaceutical organizations are leading the way to make personalized medicine a reality and increasingly moving towards demonstrating health outcomes. They are also undergoing constant change to ensure enhanced safety that is aligned with the shifting drug safety regulatory landscape.


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